The objectives of The People’s Choice Party include:


    To advocate for and implement the polices and principles stated within this Constitution.

    To inspire other political parties and independents to adopt our policies and principles.

    Engage with other organisations with views consistent with those of the party.

    Encourage Members to take part in policy development for the Party .

    Develop and implement policies consistent with the principles expressed in the People’s Choice Party Constitution.

    Organise activities which promote and further the aims of the party.

    Expand the party membership base.

    Seek the election or appointment to parliaments of the states, territories and Commonwealth of Australia, and to local government councils, of people committed to the principles of the People’s Choice Party.

    Promote cruelty free behaviour within the community.

    Commence a campaign of action that promotes native wildlife conservation across Australia.

    Ensure Australia retains full independence.

    Rebuild Australian Industries. 

    To promote urban and rural lifestyles and practices.

    Plan to reclaim assets sold by government.

    Maintain an acceptable defence whilst remaining compassionate and fair in our nation’s international dealings.

    Bring foreign ownership and investment back under control

    Embrace Multiculturalism.

    Undertake investigations into the justification of road tolls nationwide

    Reform voting processes. 


The People’s Choice Party strongly believes in democracy and respecting every Australians right to their political beliefs. We, as a party, reject any and all forms of political and/or public corruption and promote accountability when dealing with offenders.




The policies of the People’s Choice Party are the foundations of the party and are considered in this constitution a proclamation of position. They are as follows:


Affordable Housing Policy


Affordable Housing in Australia is gradually becoming out of reach for the vast majority of Australians. The People’s Choice Party understands that we need to act now before it becomes too late to live the great Australian dream of becoming a home owner.


    The Australian Government must adopt an affordable housing strategy.

    Restrict overseas buyers from buying housing in Australia.

    Increased federal funding for public, social and affordable housing nation wide

    Increased first home buyers grant.

    Abolish stamp duty Australia-wide for residential first home buyers.

    Investigate the implementation of a 20% tax on vacant held residential properties owned by foreigners.

    Increase housing availability in regional centres and surrounding areas.


Defence Policy


The PCP is committed to ensuring Australia’s national security is planned with the future in mind and is adequately prepared for both external and internal threats. The structure of our defence force needs to be able to easily adapt to handle any arising challenges and deter any threats within our region. This will be done by liaising with the ADF and listening to any advice and requirements. The PCP is committed to building strong and enduring alliances with our neighbours in the region.


    Increased funding for the Australian Defence Force.

    ADF equipment to be built in Australia if there is capacity and technology available 

    Revision of wages for ADF personnel.

    Ongoing support for the ADF gap year.

    Additional support for returned veterans to integrate back into civilian life.

    Divert Foreign Aid funds to tackling homelessness and PTSD for veterans.


Environmental Policy


We depend upon the resources of the planet in order to survive, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure it is protected for future generations. 


    Provide tax incentives to businesses to reduce pollution.

    Ban fracking across Australia.

    Support renewable energy without endangering energy reliability.

    Invest in research to protect and clean up our oceans.

    Protection of the environment from commercial operations.

    Protection of our existing forests and marine habitats.

    Develop an effective and maintainable strategy for fuel reduction management.

    Strong Australian biosecurity to continue in the prevention of the introduction of pest plants, animals, and diseases.


Education Policy


A strong public education system is the key to ensuring that the next generation of Australians have the required knowledge to effectively run the future of our great country. Australians have the right to access government funded and high-quality education and training.


    All Australian citizens who are attending school or university to receive free education.

    Foreign students to pay a fee for an education in Australia.

    Emphasis on literacy and numeracy in all government schools.

    Funded TAFE systems to provide Australia with skilled workers.

    School funding provided on the basis of equity and need.

    Recognise that the substantial growth in federal funding to non-government school has an adverse impact on public education.

    Public education infrastructure and land to remain in public control and ownership.

    Smaller class sizes throughout the public education system.

    More teachers trained in the aid of students with specials needs.

    Increased support for LGBTIQ students.

    Direct government financial support for apprentices.

    Adequately funded university pathway programs.


Governance Policy


The PCP understands that politicians work hard, and we appreciate that, however, we need to put an end to the “career politician”. Becoming elected into government should not be looked at as a career, but rather a period of time to create change within Australia. Unfortunately, long time politicians tend to forget that being in parliament is a privilege and start taking it for granted by rorting the system.


    Implementation of maximum terms that a politician can serve.

    Introduction of mandatory sentencing for politicians caught rorting the system.

    Politicians to step aside whilst being investigated by police.

    All Government tier prospective representatives must be enrolled in the area in which they intend to nominate.

    Royal Commission into politician entitlements and pensions.

    Implementation of an Independent Anti-Corruption board at the Federal level.

    Royal Commission into over Governance. 

    Politicians to be held to a higher account.

    Stop Post Parliamentary Benefits.

    Disclose the costs of operating political offices.

    Public database of government spending.

    Plebiscite to be automatically triggered on significant changes that effect all Australians 

    Politicians Pay rise capped to C.P.I.

    Travel allowances abolished.

    Electorate allowance only for running electoral offices.

    Contractors and consultants to be reduced across the public service.

    Abolish political donations by foreigners and businesses.

    Existing politician’s pension system abolished and to receive same 9.5% superannuation contribution as other Australians.


Health Policy


Everyone has the right to quality health care that is delivered in a timely manner. Ensuring that every Australian has access to the essentials for good health and wellbeing should be one of the highest priorities for the Australian Government. The public funded health care system is the more equitable way to deliver health services.


    Reform healthcare system.

    Reform Medicare system.

    Increased funding to preventative health programs.

    Medicare to remain a universal, publicly funded health insurance system for all Australians, funded from progressive taxation.

    Adequate access to bulk-billing GPs across Australia.

    Health funding that supports preventive care and health promotion.

    Universal access to publicly funded primary dental care.

    Adequately funded mental health services.

    People with a terminal or degenerative illness to have the right to seek assistance from physicians to have a dignified death.

    Investigation and consultation with emergency service agencies in relation to how dangerous situations are best handled.

    Better working conditions for healthcare professionals.

    Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal issue.

    Legalise cannabis.

    Greatly reduce waiting times for mental health services and admissions.

    Provide mental health services as part of the response to homelessness.

    Increased training for health professionals to identify and support mental illness.


Immigration Policy


The People’s Choice Party is fully aware that Australia is “The lucky Country” “The land of opportunity” and in being so is attractive for immigration.

The PCP fully supports immigration and those seeking refuge in the hopes for a better life who have come here with the best intentions and to assimilate to our way of life and contribute to society.

The PCP have a zero-tolerance policy to those who take Australia for granted and abuse the privilege that they have been granted.


    Continue cancellation of visas and instant deportation for convicted criminals.

    Cancellation of visas and instant deportation for repeat offenders 

    Cancellation of visas and instant deportation for all on the terrorist watch list.

    Higher degree of education to help immigrants understand the way of life in Australia and what is expected when living and working within the community.

    A stop to immigrant welfare if chose to not contribute to society and seek work.

    Reduce Immigration into Australia to sustainable levels. 

    Refugees provided with protection visas until safe to return to their country.

    Provide visas for migrants to settle and remain in regional centres. 

    Expired Visa holders to be banned for 5 years from re-entering Australia if they overstay their visit.

    Dual citizens who commit criminal crimes to serve their sentence, stripped of their citizenship and then deported. 

    Skilled migrants must be on short term contracts, train another Australian while here and then leave after the project is completed.


Justice Policy


In current times, the law allows magistrates far too much discretion in sentencing with minimum and maximum jail terms. It is important to take this power away and introduce minimum sentencing. The current prison system is severely overrun and overpopulated. Unfortunately, we must now invest in new facilities to facilitate the growth and demand on the prison system in the future. 


    No Bail for repeat offenders, or against the wishes of Police and the Department of Public Prosecutions.

    Minimum Sentencing with increased minimums for repeat offenders. 

    Remove the luxuries of prison as it is not a tax-payer funded motel.

    Close the Mental health loophole as an excuse to reduced sentencing.

    Appropriate facilities to deal with mental health.

    Tougher Parole requirements. 

    Focus Police and other Intelligence agencies in exposing and eliminating the sickening society involved in child sex trafficking.

    Public child sex offender register.

    Ineligibility of protective custody inside prison walls for Child Sex Offenders.

    Give the victim the freedom to speak without the fear of prosecution.


Social Security Policy


    Increase age pension by $100 per fortnight for singles and $150 for couples.

    Increase Newstart by $150 per fortnight.

    Provide employment, education and training in the armed services or with local councils.

    Fully fund childcare for working parents.


Wildlife Policy


Our wildlife is some of the most vulnerable victims as they have no way of speaking up, so the PCP will do that for them.

The President of the People’s Choice Party has been actively involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for over ten years dealing with some of the most dangerous animals in Australia such as; snakes and crocodiles and sees the importance of protecting and preserving our wildlife and environment.


    Increased sentencing for wildlife related offences. 

    Quick responses in animal abuse complaints.

    Further funding for Wildlife shelters across Australia.

    A key focus on education within the community when dealing with Australian wildlife.

    A ban on killing of any wild animal in retaliation. 

    Reverse the decision by Government to make it illegal for wildlife controllers to promote wildlife conservation through the use of media.

    To provide shelters with adequate government funding.

    Ban the use of glue traps, leg traps and steel jaw traps.